1. 10 grams Organic Platinum Shelf  for $95 (Reg. $180). Limited to TWO strains per order.
  2. 10 grams Organic Super Premium for $85 (Reg. $160). Limited to TWO strains per order.
  3. 1 ounce Organic Platinum Shelf (All Strains) for $230 (Reg. $360), and choose up to 2 strains.
  4. 1 ounce Organic Super Premium Shelf (All Strains) for $210 (Reg. $340), and choose up to 2 strains.
  5. VIP Membership for $49 per year (Reg. $75).


  1. First time patients will receive a Loyalty Card. Patients are given 2 stamps on the first order and 1 stamp for each order thereafter (promotional products do not apply). Once the patient has 9 stamps, patient will receive a $50 credit which may be redeemed for any product on their next order.  When placing your next minimum delivery order you may redeem your credit for additional product.  (Example: delivery minimum for Irvine is $60, credit can be applied to any additional product ordered).
  2. Seniors (55 years of age or older) and Military Veterans will receive a 5% discount with proof of age or military status (if the patient is a VIP Member they can combine the two discounts)


  1. VIP Membership is available for $75 per year.
  2. VIP Members receive a 10% discount every day on all products.
  3. VIP Members will receive Loyalty Card stamps in addition to the 10% every day product discount.
  4. There will be monthly promotions for VIP Members only (such as free samples of our most popular products, new products, new flavors of edibles or concentrates).

NOTE:  There may be other discounts available.  Please check with representative when placing your order.

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